Lawn Aeration Services in Cumming

Another important aspect of keeping your lawn green and healthy many customers may not be familiar with is drainage and grass aeration. Both of these overlooked services are a great way to expand your home’s living space outside while keeping your grass looking beautiful. Our Cumming landscape technicians are eager to help prevent flooding and soil loss for your property today, so we can all enjoy your curbside appeal that adds to the natural beauty we are accustomed to here in Georgia.

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Soil Aeration Solutions

Yard Aeration is the process of cutting holes in the surrounding soil to allow your plants the ability to soak up fertilizer, water, and oxygen necessary to keep them healthy. Routine lawn aeration can do wonders for a yard that just doesn’t seem to be growing well. As part of our lawn service for Cumming GA, we offer yearly aeration during the best times of year to fertilize and water so your lawn can thrive into the luxurious green grass you have been trying to achieve from the start. Thatch build-up under your grass can prevent your grass from getting the air and nutrients it needs to continue to grow, especially for newly planted grass. This service leaves the nutritious thatch while turning up enough of it so the soil gets what it needs while still maintaining a healthy amount of grass to keep your lawn looking fresh.

Yard Drainage Solutions

All thriving properties no matter their size or shape have the same underlying systems that keep their yards looking fantastic. Proper landscape drainage solutions must be in place for the surrounding area to fall victim to top soil erosion and flooding. Many drainage options exist for your lawn that can mean the difference between a well maintained landscape and a swamp. One of the more popular and commonplace drainage solutions involves the use of a French drain. Landscaping companies have been using this type of drain for years, as it is both cost effective and has a simple design that works well for most lawns.
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When you call for your free consultation, we send a drainage expert out to take a look at your per-existing setup to determine what you need. If you have been having any specific issues such as flooding in certain areas or standing water that refuses to drain away, this service is for you. If you have an outdoor space for grilling or to house your hot tub away from the elements, proper drainage can continue the life of your deck and leave you with an excellent place to relax for longer. We offer under deck drainage systems to maintain the life of your outdoor space while still looking nice, instead having tubing drains poking through your lawn around your home.
For soil aeration to keep your grass green, or classy looking backyard drainage solutions that keeps your yard from turning into a swamp, call us for the best Cumming outdoor lawn care in the city and all of Northeast Georgia!

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