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We all want are yard to be covered in luscious green grass; after all, this is the trademark of a healthy lawn. Sometimes however, weeds grow and can be a problem to get rid of without accidentally ruining the grass around it. No need to stress yourself any longer, because our experienced lawn care professionals have the expertise required to remove these issues and nurture your lawn to its full potential. For all your fertilization and weed removal needs, look no further that Lawn Care of Cumming.

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Fertilizing Your Lawn

Fertilizer can greatly enhance the growth of your lawn, and knowing the type of grass you have and its overall pH level is important to determine what type of fertilizer mix will work the best for your lawn. After our lawn care technicians test the soil for acidity levels, we blend a fertilizer mix that will bring your grass to an acceptable range by giving it the nutrients it lacks. Once we use our tools to spread the new fertilizer over your lawn and garden, we can determine the lasting effects and continue to monitor your lawn for optimal growth. We offer a fertilizer lawn care program that will help maintain your lawn so it looks it’s best for longer. 

Weed Prevention

It may seem like that no matter what you do to your lawn, weeds always find a way to sprout. Seeds for these unplanned growths are carried into your yard by the wind, birds, and possibly from the bottom of shoes, which make them incredibly hard to predict because of these transmission methods, so protecting your grass beforehand is your best option. This plan often involves applying the right product at the right time to control the specific breeds of weeds that invade your lawn. With our use of our IPM (integrated pest management) service, we can prevent these weeds from ever causing blemishes in your otherwise manicured lawn.

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Weed Control

Once your lawn has been infested by weeds, anyone can tell you how difficult it can be to remove them. As one of the best Cumming lawn care companies, we train all of our technicians on the look and identity of the most pervasive species of weed we regularly run into, so you know your removal options. Most weeds are classified into two groups: broad leaf and grassy weeds. Depending on the type of infestation, different products may be required to remove the weeds quickly so they don’t get the chance to spread further. When you call us for your free consultation, we can determine what type of weeds you have and the best course of action to remove them and keep them from coming back. 
We are determined to help keep your lawn looking it’s best, no matter the natural boundaries that happen to all of our lawns at one point or another. Call us today so we can give you the best advice and lawn care Cumming, GA has to offer so your property can flourish.

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