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No matter the size of the space that you wish to be landscaped, we have the perfect service for your needs. We offer affordable landscaping, with a wide variety of plants and styles available for you to choose from. We take color, plant durability, and proper techniques into account when planning your property lay-out. We are the professionals you can trust to handle all of your landscaping project from beginning to end. Through our easy step-by-step process, you can control the overall outcome of the project while we handle the details so your landscape not only looks great, but runs properly and doesn’t have any drainage or piping issues. Here is a quick and easy run down of the steps we take to ensure proper communication and accessibility so your next landscape design is done properly and suits your particular desires.

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Our Free Landscaping Consultation

When you call us, we send one of our lawn care technicians out to your property to assess the area and give you a free professional consultation. During this time, we discuss what you have in mind for your lawn, so we can draw up a plan that best suits your tastes. Once we have an idea of what you want, we give an honest estimate up front so you can determine your budget and whether or not you want to use our services. Whatever you decide, our consultation comes with no strings attached, so before calling you can be comfortable in the fact that it will be of no cost to you until you are ready to dive into your project with us. As a leading landscaping company here in Cumming, GA we understand what it takes to create what best suits your need.

Making Design Choices

Our service is second to none, and we proudly do our part to keep Cumming landscaping looking sharp. There is a reason our customers keep coming back; our quality service and friendly technicians get the job done in a timely manner while still solving the problem at hand. We offer all of our services at an affordable rate with complete honesty about what to expect, so you won’t be stuck with any surprises on the bill. Our dedication to our customer’s needs as well as the actual quality of the services we provide help us to stand out as the lawn care company of Cumming, GA. Let us serve your every lawn care need with the kind of quality you expect.
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Affordable Lawn Maintenance

After you decide to hire us and start your landscape design, we sit down with you to decide the full details. In our initial planning during the consultation, we discuss what you want in relation to your budget and space available. Once the official starting stage begins, everything from color coordination and scent are accounted for to make sure your landscape not only looks beautiful, it smells great as well. We take into consideration the natural yearly weather we receive here in northeast Georgia to give you the best layout and the correct types of plants that will last as well as fit your design scheme. This step is one of the many reasons we are the best landscapers in Cumming, GA as we take into consideration everything you need to have a successful lawn.

Softscape & Hardscape Designs

At Lawn Care of Cumming, we understand how important it is to balance softscape and hardscape designs with professional landscaping services.  Adding texture and color is what makes a residential yard or commercial property come to life.  Whether you are looking for a beautiful rock garden with accents of colorful foliage or would like a relaxing waterfall to set the ambiance while you take nature, we have the landscaping design for you.  From rocks to water fountains to captivating flowers, Lawn Care of Cumming has the softscape and hardscape resources to make your property awe inspiring.

Landscaping Project

Once the decisions have been made, we go to work to create the landscape design of your dreams. We continue to communicate with you throughout the process so we can stay on the same page and give you exactly what you want in a timely manner with the quality you expect. If any problems are encountered or weather delays occur, we will work with you to adjust the timetable accordingly so your project doesn’t become derailed. This is part of our promise we have made to our customers when we are chosen to handle their landscape.
We make this process as simple and user-friendly as possible, so if you are interested in starting your landscaping for your home or business with the best Cumming lawn service in the area, call us today!

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