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Insect Control Services in Cumming GA

You care about your lawn and want to keep it green and beautiful, so when you find invading insects you want the ability to save your yard. As a home grown lawn maintenance Cumming, GA company, we want our neighbors to be able to appreciate their property without the fear of being bitten or worse. We at Lawn Care of Cumming have an arsenal of treatments and experienced technicians that can help solve your insect problem so you can get back to enjoying your outside space.

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Fire Ant Management

Fire ants are a nuisance most are familiar with because of the large dirt mounds that seem to pop out of nowhere in the middle of your yard. These ants can cause major issues, not just with the health of your lawn but also the wellbeing of your family. Itchy stings and painful bites are an unpleasant surprise when you out grilling or swimming in the pool. Unfortunately, fire ants are almost impossible to completely eliminate due to the size and scope of the infested areas. However, once it has been determined that you have fire ants, treatment options are available to control these pests. Our landscaping experts can assess the situation and create a program specifically for your needs, so in no time you will be back outside without the fear of crossing these painful insects.

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Flea and Tick Control

These pests can be dangerous for your pets and family as they are known to carry Lyme Disease. Flea and tick collars will help keep your pet from being infested, but full eradication is your best option when it comes to these insects. Our skilled professionals only use the products that are known to work the best without being harmful to your lawn. After our technician diagnoses the problem at your free consultation, we can be out quickly to start the process of eliminating these unwelcome bugs. Take control of your lawn back and let us aggressively treat the problem so you can get back to enjoying it sooner.
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Eradicate White Grubs​

White Grubs can be a lawn owner’s nightmare. These bugs are known to be subtle at first with a few Japanese beetles showing up around your property to a couple brown spots here and there. If left untreated, your prized lawn can die right in front of your eyes. These grubs also attract skunks, as they enjoy digging them up for a midnight snack, causing further damage to your yard. Take control of your property back with our landscaping company pest control services. Once white grubs are found to be the instigator, our treatments will work fast to eliminate these pests. The best part about this treatment is that it requires mixing with water to settle into the burrows of these insects, so as your lawn is being treated, your pets and children can play outside in peace. 

These insects are the more common culprits we see on a regular basis, but we also treat other types of invading insects such as tree lice, ground bees, mole crickets, etc. Call for our pest control services today so we can help you take back your lawn!

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